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    Coal & Coke


    Alfred H Knight Solid Fuels has been servicing the global coal and coke industries for over a century. In this time we have built a strong network of project managers and senior inspectors positioned to service our clients worldwide.

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    Operational teams support our inspectors, ensuring that certified reports are relayed in a prompt and efficient manner. Experienced inspectors operate at load and discharge ports and key points in the logistic chain such as mine and processing sites.

    We provide the following principle weight, quality inspection and surveying services:


    • Draught Surveys
    • Barge Gauging
    • Hold Inspection
    • Supervision
    • Temperature Monitoring
    • Manual Sampling
    • Supervision of Automated/Mechanical Sampling
    • Bias Testing
    • Sample preparation
    • Blending Supervision

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    Testing can be carried out in accordance with ISO, BS EN and ASTM standards at the client’s request. This can be done as a sub lot or whole cargo analysis, including:

    • Proximate Analysis
      • Total Moisture
      • Ash Content
      • Volatile Matter
      • Fixed Carbon
    • Ultimate Analysis
      • Total Sulphur
      • Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen
    • Gross and Net Calorific Value
    • Inherent and Equilibrium Moistures
    • Chlorine, Fluorine
    • Hardgrove Index (HGI)
    • Ash Fusion Temperatures (Reducing
      / Oxidising Atmospheres)
    • Elemental Ash (XRF)
    • Trace Metals
    • Size Distribution
    • Free Swelling Index (FSI)
    • Gray King

    Let us know your specific requirements and we can tailor a quote to suit you.

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