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    Composition Analysis

    Are you looking for more efficient waste management analysis?

    We specialise in the analysis of domestic and commercial waste materials. We can work with you to operate under the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin Scheme (REGO).

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    What We Do

    Alfred H Knight specialise in the analysis of domestic and commercial waste materials. REGO.

    We provide our clients with accurate information on the makeup of their waste streams, from Waste Management Companies, Councils and Waste Operators. Our team of technicians are here to offer quality information that will assist your compliance.

    Once armed with a reliable waste profile our clients are in a strong position to plan and monitor their waste handling activities.

    Household waste streams are characterised by material type and dependant on specific customer requirements we provide appropriate levels of detail. For example, completed projects include:

    • Quantifying the recyclable content of household waste
    • Determining the BMW content of residual household waste
    • Detailed analysis of packaging materials in commercial waste
    • Characterisation of household waste using detailed material categories


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    Size Analysis

    To complement material category analysis we can provide a comprehensive size analysis for waste streams.

    This information is crucial for the effective design of mechanical waste treatment facilities. Combined with category analysis this gives information on which materials are present for a range of size fractions.

    Size analysis for waste materials is also crucial for monitoring the performance of mechanical waste treatment facilities – e.g. we can provide independent testing to determine the efficiency of screening operations.

    A typical size analysis will determine the amount of each material within the following size fractions + 160mm, 160mm to 80mm, 80mm to 40mm, 40mm to 20mm, 20mm to 10mm and less than 10mm.

    For further information please do not hesitate to contact our Client support Team, just click the below and one of our qualified technicians will be back in touch.

    Alfred H Knight, Your REGO Partner.


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