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    Fuels Analysis for
    Renewable Heat Incentive

    Are You Receiving the Renewable Heat Incentive?

    Alfred H Knight operate globally, working with many types of biomass, including wood chips,
    wood pellets, waste wood, energy crops and agricultural residues from around the world.

    Whether you are self generating or purchasing biomass AHK can deliver full transparency
    of your fuel on a quarterly basis so you can ensure you retain your renewable heat incentive.


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    Why is the quality of fuel so important?

    RHI regulation specify that the biomass content for the fuel should be at least 90% and less than 10% contamination.


    Feeding your boiler with biomass that is lower than the specified requirement can:

    damage or reduce the performance of the installation, leading to downtime and costly repairs

    be a false economy, poor quality biomass has a lower calorific value which means more fuel is required

    release harmful emissions into the atmosphere, exceeding local air quality restrictions, damaging the environment


    It is the owners and operators responsibility to demonstrate that the fuel that is feeding an accredited boiler meets the RHI requirements or there is the risk of losing the financial incentive and permit.  

    The industry message is to adopt a proactive approach. You should act now and gain peace of mind that your investment is protected, whilst also taking environmental due care and responsibility

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    Find out more:

    The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive: Ensuring a sustainable scheme Download

    Ofgem draft guidance Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Closure Download

    Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive – Ongoing Obligations and Payments Download

    Certified Sampling & Analysis


    Alfred H Knight is recognised as one of the main specialist laboratories for UKAS accredited wood based fuel testing. Providing certification for biomass and waste wood in line with Ofgem’s requirement for compliant boiler fuel

    Offering a simple ongoing fuel testing service, so that not only suppliers of biomass fuel can be certain they are meeting requirements but also owners and operators of biomass and waste wood boiler equipment.

    Analytical Suite:


      • Total Moisture
      • Ash Content
      • Moisture Content
      • Gross Calorific Value
      • Net Calorific Value
      • Carbon
      • Hydrogen
      • Nitrogen
      • Oxygen
      • Sulphur
      • Chlorine
      • Biomass Content


    * Further parameters can be measured and analysed for an additional cost in line for specific installation permitting requirements such as trace metals, major elements in fuel, ash fusion, particle sizing and bulk density. Please ask your technical sales representative for further information.


    We are also able to offer complimentary regulatory support services provided by industry expert partners.


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